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Customer Satisfaction is Paramount At Memory Book Company

We believe great value and personal service can create satisfied customers for life. Our sales and technical support teams are committed to making sure you get the help you need to produce a fantastic product. We’re proud to share these testimonials from happy customers!

"In the past six years that I've worked with Memory Book Company I've not had ONE complaint with the finished product and I have increased the order EACH year because they've kept the price economical."
- W. M., Elkton, MD

"WOW is the word and expression I just felt as I opened another package today from Memory Book Company. You worked fast for me. Thank you again for all you have done for me to get me moving to complete this yearbook project."
- M.L., Riverhead, NY

"The Memory Book Online software allowed us to upload many photos taken by 3 photographers for instantaneous use. We will use Memory Book Online again next year!"
- J.M., Madison, WI

"The yearbooks looked great. Working with you has been a much easier, less stressful and overall wonderful experience. I will look forward to working with you next year as well."
- H.H., Birmingham, AL

"I love how easy this (standard cover order center) has been so far. I would totally recommend the company and program."
- L.D., St. Petersburg, FL

"We received the yearbooks and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much!! I am so pleased with this product and your company. I cannot wait to distribute these beauties!"
- N.K., Hilton Head, SC

"I wish to thank you and the technical support folks for all their help. Especially near the start, as I was learning the program, I probably sounded frantic a few times on the phone, which I definitely was. Still, they stayed with me and had patience and clear explanations. I believe our students will cherish their yearbooks."
- C.M., Bronx, NY

"Thank you for making the last few years so easy despite the monumental task of organizing this book year in and year out. You were always there to answer all of my questions (no matter how silly), accommodate all of my requests and extend all of my deadlines. Put simply, you always delivered! I thank you very much for being on top of your game and understanding the true meaning of customer service."
- J.C., Silver Spring, MD