Student Character Builder™ Program

We believe encouraging positive student behavior and fostering a sense of community during the Elementary School years is essential for lifelong learning success. Every student has the potential to excel and achieve their goals! That’s why we are excited to announce the new Student Character Builder™ Program; available to you, just for being our customer!

This program helps students unlock their potential by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to develop good habits and positive attitudes.

As a Memory Book or Jostens PIX customer, your teachers will have access to over 150 ready-to-implement lessons, fun videos voiced by actual students, motivational posters and encouraging certificates to help create a welcoming learning environment.

As a Memory Book customer, you’ll also have access to our exclusive yearbook templates to create a unique and memorable record of your school’s growth and progress. These templates are designed to capture the essence of your school’s values and highlight the achievements of your students.

Our program is perfect for K-5 students and is designed to be easily implemented in any school setting.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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