Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I mail my photo CDs so Memory Book Company can load them onto my account?
We recommend using UPS or FedEx so you can track your CDs. Please send the CDs to the following address:

Memory Book Company
304 Curry Dr.
Sedalia, MO 65301

Please let your customer service consultant know the CDs are on their way by calling 1-800-247-1526.

How long will it take to get my photos/CDs uploaded once Memory Book Company receives them?
It will generally take three to five business days after Memory Book Company receives your images to upload them to your account. Once your images are uploaded, you will receive an email notification.

Will pop-up blockers prevent the site from working properly?
Some functions in Memory Book Online™ require using pop-up windows. If you are using a pop-up blocker, please set it to allow pop-ups from the Memory Book Online™ site.

Where are the images I have uploaded?
They are in the category you selected during the upload process. If you do not choose a specific category for your images, they will automatically upload into the Inbox Staff folder. In order to be able to place these images on your pages, they will have to be moved into a category.

How do I move images in the Image Organizer?
In the Image Organizer, click on the thumbnail of the image you would like to move and drag it to a category folder on the left. Make sure the folder into which you are moving the image is highlighted before you let go. Note: You cannot move a folder into another folder in the Image Organizer at this time.

Can I delete images from my Image Organizer?
Yes. You can also delete categories by first deleting all of the images in that category. You cannot delete images that have been used in your yearbook. Note: Do NOT delete portrait images from your Image Organizer. Instead, mark them as “Don’t Use Portrait.”

I have kids who weren’t there on picture day, and I have no picture for them. Where do I get a “no photo” picture?
"No Photo" clipart is available under the Portraits category in the No Photo folder.

How do I upload a single retake photo to my portrait categories?
Upload the photo to the Inbox Staff folder. After you have successfully uploaded the photo into your Image Organizer, you may drag and drop this photo into the correct grade/classroom listed on the left side of your page. Assign a name and save. This portrait will now flow with the rest of the class when using the Flow feature.

Can I edit photoboxes or add backgrounds on portrait pages?
Yes. After you auto flow your portrait pages, open them in the Page Editor to edit them

Can I move portraits around after they are placed on the page?
Yes. However, make sure when moving photos to keep the names with the photos. For major changes, consider reflowing the entire page to keep the photos and names lined up correctly.

How do I correct the spelling of a person’s name?
To correct the spelling of a student’s name, go to your Image Organizer. Double-click on the “Portraits” section, and find the student whose name you wish to change. Double-click on that student, and then click the “Edit” button to the right of the name. Change the name and info as needed, and click “Okay” when finished.  Finally, click “Apply Changes.”

How do I change the class assignment of a student?
Using your Image Organizer, find the student you want to move. Drag and drop the student into the correct classroom listed on the left side of your screen. Your student should now flow with the correct class when you use the Flow feature.

I cannot see the preview or save buttons when I am trying to flow my pages. What do I do?
There are two things to check. First, make sure that there aren’t too many toolbars on your Internet browser. If there are, you can go to View > Toolbars to uncheck any toolbars such as Yahoo, Google, etc. Second, make your screen resolution bigger. If this doesn’t work, make the screen you are working with smaller. You will now see a scroll bar you can use to scroll up and down to see the Preview or Save buttons.

Is it possible to download images from Memory Book Online™ and put them on my computer?
No. However, please contact your customer service consultant if you are concerned about an image uploaded to your account or placed in your yearbook.

Can we create our cover or endsheets online?
This feature is currently unavailable.

Can we wrap text around images/elements?
Text wrap function is not available.

Why can’t we get a high-resolution PDF of every page?
We have many schools using Memory Book Online™. Providing access to high-resolution PDFs would cause a huge impact on our system and cause a slowdown. However, we are continually looking for ways to improve our PDF quality, including the possibility of offering high-resolution PDFs.

Why is there a purple bar that spans two adjoining pages in the Page Ladder?
The purple bar means that the two pages are a two-page spread.

How do I save a page as a template?
Go to File > Save As Template. After you name and save the template, it will be under Designs (right side of your screen) > Custom > My Templates.

Can we save two-page spreads as templates?
Yes. Make sure you are viewing pages as Facing Pages (View > Facing Pages). Then go to File > Save As Template. At the prompt, type in the name of your template and choose Both Pages before selecting Save.

How do I lock elements on a page?
With the item selected, click the Padlock icon on the toolbar. The handlebars around the object will turn into locks. To unlock, simply select the locked object and select the Padlock icon on the toolbar.

How do I save a Click-N-Go template?
First, select the elements you would like to save as a Click-N-Go template. Then, go to File > Save As Click-N-Go. After you name and save the template, it will be under Designs (right side of your screen) > Custom > My Click-N-Go!

I cannot login to my Memory Book Online™ account. What do I do?
Make sure you choose Adviser when using the adviser password and Staff when using the staff password. Also, make sure you have chosen the correct Job Year and have typed in the correct Job # and Password. If everything is correct, but you still can’t log in, restart your computer and/or closing your browser completely and then try again. If you have had too many unsuccessful attempts, your account may be locked out. Please call Memory Book Company Technical Support at 1-877-302-3140 if this problem persists.

How do I clear an entire page?
To delete everything on a page, go to 3) Pages and navigate to the page you want to clear out. Then, click on Edit > Select > All. After that, click on the delete key on your keyboard.

How do I reflow my pages?
Lock anything on the page you wish to keep. If you do not want to keep anything on the page, go to Edit > Select > All and then click delete on your keyboard. To begin reflowing, go to Flow under 3) Pages. Choose the portrait category you want to reflow and adjust Builder settings as necessary.

I was trying to move my photoboxes and text boxes up and my bottom rows overlap each other. How do I fix this?
Go to View and deselect Snap to Grid. Select all that you are trying to move and nudge them using your arrow keys on your keyboard. They will now all move one pica at a time and won’t overlap.

Why am I able to place an image across two pages but not a text box?
This is a safety feature in the program to ensure that text will not fall into the gutter and not be seen in the final yearbook. The best solution would be to create two separate text boxes and split the heading between both pages.

Can I put my pictures on the outside of the blue line?
The blue line on the page is the margin. The margin is set to ensure that no important elements of your book get trimmed off. You may extend images beyond the margins. However, watch for faces or other elements that you don’t want to get trimmed off.

How do I make a solid color background?
Add a shape to your page by clicking the Shape button in the top toolbar. With the shape selected (highlighted), click on the Format tab. Change the Fill color to the desired color. Next, click on the Make Background button to make the shape a full-page solid color.

I can’t see my proof PDF after I select the printer icon. What do I do?
Make sure you set your Internet browser to allow pop-ups from

I have an image I would like to use as a background.  What size does it need to be?
Images will need to have pixel dimensions of at least W:2000 x H:3000 in order to be used as a background. You can find out the dimensions of any image with an image editing software, or by checking the properties of the image file.

I can’t print my proof PDF. What do I do?
First, completely close out of your Internet browser. Next, launch your Adobe Acrobat. When ready, go to Edit > Preferences > General. Under Categories on the left side, choose Internet. Uncheck the box next to Display PDF in browser and select OK. After configuration, you will be asked to restart your computer. If you have more than one version of Adobe Acrobat, change the Preferences settings on all of them.

Can I print all proof pages at once?
Yes you can. Go to Plan – Page Ladder – click the word Print on the left-hand side of the page – then click Print All.

Can I complete/submit all pages at once?
Yes. Go to Plan – Page Ladder – Click the checkbox in the gray bar near top of page to select all pages then click Actions – Complete or Submit.

I’m ready to submit my pages. One or more of my page thumbnail previews is showing up as blank in the Page Ladder. What do I do?
How the page looks when you click on the printer icon will be how the page will be produced after you submit the page. So, if the low-resolution PDF shows nothing, then the page is indeed blank.

I am trying to submit a page, but I keep getting one or more of the following unable-to-change errors:

  • an empty image (or text) box exists
  • element positioned between top margin and top edge of page
  • element positioned between bottom margin and bottom edge of page
  • element positioned between left margin and left edge of page
  • element positioned between right margin and right edge of page

Go back to the Page Editor (Step 3 > Pages) and select all Incomplete elements (Edit > Select > Incomplete). Delete any empty text or photoboxes, fix text boxes that are too small for the text they contain, and place text in separate text boxes (for error messages that say “text may not wrap correctly”). The last four error messages listed above usually occur when you use a template that includes a page number and/or lines. Remove the lines or extend them to the bleed. As for the page number, either move it away from the margin or delete it.

How do I make changes to a page that is already submitted?
Contact your customer service consultant to ask about getting a page unsubmitted. Keep in mind that the page may already be printed. If so, we may not be able to unsubmit it without a charge and/or delay.

Meaning of common symbols seen in Memory Book Online™:
Orange Exclaimation PointAn Orange Exclamation Point on your page simply means that the image has not been tagged with any names. This is for organizational purposes only, and does not affect your pages.
Info Symbol Clicking this icon will allow you to view information about the file, including Max Size, pixel dimensions and file name.
Green Check A green check mark on your photo indicates the image already has been placed on a page.  This will help you determine which images you have already used in your book.
Red X A red X through your text on the page indicates the text box is not large enough for the text inside. Enlarge the text box to ensure that all text inside the box will print correctly.