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Creating a Yearbook or Memory Book

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Get started on your yearbook project by following these easy steps to success.

Next, check out our tips and ideas, or view a helpful webisode. Remember, you can always contact your personal representative with any questions.

Step One:

Start Taking Pictures

Take pictures throughout the year for your yearbook, make sure you cover back to school events, so you have those images when design time comes. Encourage parents to snap pictures, and take advantage of image share technology.

Step Two:

Whether it’s a class, staff or just you creating the yearbook; it’s important to map out responsibilities. Divide up tasks and make sure each action item is covered.

Step Three:

Calculate all costs for your yearbook. Determine how you plan to pay for these costs and work that into your budget to show how much you will need to charge per yearbook. Plan to sell ads to local businesses or come up with fundraisers. Hint: Talk to your rep about ways to save money on your yearbooks.

Step Four:

Build a Sales Plan & Start Selling

Based on your budget decide what sales plan you want to move forward with. Unless you plan to provide the full enrollment with yearbooks you will need to determine how you will market to those that will be purchasing them. There are many sales tools and tips that can be utilized to make this process easier.

Step Five:

Choose a Theme & Cover

Get as creative as you want to be. Choose from covers created by our designers and create your own theme around it, or design your own cover. Coordinating background themes are also available for several covers in our gallery.

Step Six:

Complete a Page Ladder

A page ladder is an outline for your yearbook. It helps you keep organized while creating your pages. To get a good idea of where to start, look at last year’s yearbook. This will help you decide how many pages you will need for each section and what pages to keep or add.

Step Seven:

Start Designing Pages

An easy way to design pages is to use our design program, Memory Book Online. Pre-designed templates can help you create a consistent layout throughout the book and automatic portrait flow will add photos and names quickly and easily.

Step Eight:

Submit Your Pages

Using Memory Book Company’s online design program, you can submit pages as you complete them. Before you submit, make sure that you double-check that everything is correct on the page and exactly how you want it. Also, check the bleed to make sure nothing important is in the area that will be trimmed off.

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